About Us

About Us

About Arrowsmith Search and Rescue

Arrowsmith SAR (ASAR) is responsible for all land and inland water searches and rescues from Cook Creek to Lantzville, up to the east end of Cameron Lake and to the islands of Lasqueti and Jedidiah. We work with all other groups around the province, the RCMP, local Fire Departments and BC Ambulance to provide the best response and care for those who are injured or missing in BC.

All Search and Rescue groups in BC operate under Emergency Management of British Columbia, and most of our training is administered by the Justice Institute of British Columbia along with other training partners. All of BC Search and Rescue groups are 100% volunteer and on-call 24/7, 365 days a year.

Ground Rescue

To become a Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) member, volunteers must undergo extensive training such as search techniques/types, rope rescue, water safety, navigation by map and compass, the use of a GPS, radio commands, overnight survival, wilderness first aid and helicopter safety. These skills are passed on by our in house JIBC certified instructors. All SAR members in BC receive no pay for the time they contribute. GSAR certified members may then take training to become a member of one of our specialty teams.

Rope Rescue

In addition to regular GSAR training hours, rope rescue members must spend a considerable amount of time to maintain their Rope Rescue certification. Members are trained in slope rescues, high angle rescues, stretcher rigging, subject packaging, and pick off techniques for climbers who are stuck half way up or down a cliff face. ASAR is responsible for all wild land rope rescue in the district 69 area.

Swift Water Rescue

Members Trained in Swift Water Rescue regularly practice a wide variety of skills, ranging from flood evacuations to Swift water rescue techniques in canons and fast current rapids. First Aid skills are very different in the fast moving water ways than on land, so time is spent going over may scenarios to train for any injury that someone may present with. The Swift Water team spends time every year going over pre-plans for high risk area's in our community. We are always looking out for the safety of the public and doing everything we can to be most prepared for your worst day.
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